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34 and still learning

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

And I am officially 34! The number seems old, but i actually still feel like a 20 year old.

Believe it or not it has taken me more than a week to actually write this post. I tried searching for an inspiration everywhere but there was nothing that truly inspired me. This post may not be the typical blogger post where everything is all rainbow and cotton candy, just warning. This is going to be a post where by I open up a little bit of my life to you.

Being welcomed into the mid30s has been nothing but a roller coaster ride. The older you get the more your priorities accumulates, I know many might say but you are not married. Guess what guys, I don't have to be married to have priorities. ;)

The older you get, there is a feeling that you know you have to chase on your plans to make your dreams a reality. It feels like life has become a ticking clock, but in a good way. It is like you can't take life for granted anymore cause you know it's make it or break it time. And that is how i feel about it right now. Trying all ways to achieve my dreams, to feel like I have accomplish something in life.

As I mentioned earlier, this post is about me sharing a part of my life to you. So here it goes my life in a breakdown :


My family has always been something i hold on too very dearly to me. I do admit we are not those typical family that has traditions, reunions, or family outings. We are definitely a work in progress. But i guess even how much hurt and pain we can be to each other. I will drop anything in a heartbeat just to be there for them when they need me.


Friends, many come but a few will stay. That is something i learned in a hard way. And many may call you friend but only when you are in that deep shit moment when you know if they are your friends.

I am glad to say that I few friends that I will always cherish. I call them my pill that keeps my sanity check and my drug that keeps me high all the time. :)


There have been many loves that has passed me by in my life. I have felt that big great love, to love that I just want to erase from my memory. But I am at this point of time, where by i have personally accepted the reality of being by myself. My eggs may be in a hurry, but boy I am not. I am just enjoying not having the responsibility of another. I feel like I am already a huge responsibility to myself! ;p


I have taken a huge 180 change in career, it scares me. I'm not sure where i am going. I'm not sure if the goal that i have, i will be able to achieve. But what i know is that i have Hope and Faith it will come. I just have to believe and continue working hard.

To sum it all, I just a girl still discovering herself. Finding her ways in this world and learning as I go. I am.... Just Plain Jane :)

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Pictures taken at W Hotel Singapore by Nicole Tan

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