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4 things to do in Saigon

A beautiful city that has thousand of motor bikes and scooters, loads of little authentic coffee shop and Mekong River running through it. Saigon or another name for this city is Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC) has made me fallen inlove with it from first sight. From the old quarters to the modern sky scrappers, every part of this city is so unique and full of culture.

So here below i have 4 of the things, that i feel  every tourist shouldn’t miss doing.

Coffee Cafes ~for coffee lovers 

For coffee lovers, this would be your 7th Haven. Every street in Saigon has amazing, unique and artistic coffee cafe. One of my very favourite thing to do here, is exploring the different coffee cafes with their different set up.

My favourite at this moment is Cong Caphe, they serve the tastiest Coconut Coffee. I highly recommend to try it! Trust me you wont regret it.

2. Vietnamese Food

Are you a food lover?? if you are, HCMC is the place for you! The Pho(or better known as beef noodle) is the bomb here! I have put on a lot of weight since I have been assign to Vietnam Market. The food here is amazing.

3. Shopping

The famous Ben Than Market, known to many as the prime shopping centre or even the place to purchase anything Vietnamese under the sun.  Trust me you can find anything here. Even if it meant scorpion, cobra wine. On a serious note, you would be able to find yummy nuts, Vietnamese coffee, none original sports wear to handbags and cute little Vietnamese purses.  The only thing you would need here is the power to bargain, trust me you should bargain till your able to get half the price.

4. Explore

Every part of Saigon is uniqe in it own way. For me I love exploring the buildings. For me I feel that every building has its own story. Some of it looks French Inspired, some look Vietnamese and some look modern. Theres alot to see, and I truthfully havent seen majority of it, but looking forward to it.

Hope that that you like this review, if you have been to Saigon. Please leave me a comment below, on more places for me to explore.

Till next time.

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