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Boudoir by Soong Ai Ling

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes “Fit for a Princess”. Well that’s how I felt when I coincidently stumbled across this nail parlor at Bangsar Village. The first thing came to my mind was 1970’s Paris as it was the aura I got as I entered this cute little Nail Parlor. Among the few things that drew my attention was the light jazz music playing in the background and nice dark blue plush chairs, draped curtains and not to mention macaroons. It made me feel like a Parisian Princess on her normal Sunday outing. It may sound exaggerated but, trust me the aura that the place gives you will make you feel like you are not in Bangsar Village.

As the Manicurist escorted me to the super comfy plush chairs, another staff came with two pillows. One for the back as a back rest and the other which is a hot bean bag is placed at the back of the neck.  Each customer is assisted by two manicurists.  And again I emphasize the feeling of ‘Just Fit for a Princess’. The manicurists were very professional, obliging and nice. They took their time to pamper which made my money feel worthwhile.  All the nail polishes that were used are from OPI.

“Your nails are like jewels – Don’t use them like tools”  – Essie

Boudoir is located at Bangsar Village II

Contact 03-22823128


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