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February Favourites

Sorry for the absolutely late February favourite updates. It’s been such a hectic month trying to juggle work with life. It’s funny how at times life can be so overwhelming.

Enough of me rambling, I can go on and on about it.

Here are my favourite of the favourites for the month of February!


My love for neutral colours continues with this amazing MAC eyeshadow X15 which contains 15 eyeshadow. When I saw this palette at the store, it was truly love at first sight. With no doubt I knew I had to get. Impulsive puechasing is one of my many trade I love how it creates that neutral and yet elegant look, the best part it the colours just pop up my eye. The colours are build able and easily blend able. 


If you want those long lashed thick eye lashes, I truly recommend Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume. And trust me ladies I’ve gone around the block with macaras. Just with one application you can already see the ultra voluminizing and instant dimension. This is yet the best mascara I ever used, the only downside that it is not waterproof.


Everyone is familiar Rose is associated with romance and gives that royalty feeling, beautiful flowers and etc. But many are unaware these precious flowers produces oil which are rich in nutrition that helps to hydrate, soothes and tone the skin. 

I have been using this product for two months now and I have seen so much of improvement on my skin, especially on my skin tone and hydration. It applies smoothly on the face and absorbs ver fast not leaving the skin oily but fresh. 


I have been using this as a toner for the past month, and I must I am very impressed. I have seen less acne or redness on my skin, my skin feels so much softer and scaring from pimples has much reduce. I do highly recommend it, especially to those with sensitive skin.  That’s all for my February Favourites. I hope you have enjoyed reading my favourite products and also my review on it.

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Till the next post!

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