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For the love of lipsticks

Hello ladies, I am Lin and I am a lipstick fanatic who enjoys putting on a red lip to work.

I will be guest writing in my colleague-turned-friend, Jane’s blog today. A little background about me, when I was a child, I do not like the feeling of lipsticks as you apply it and you get a feeling of cream layered on your lips. Considered a late bloomer in the make up world as I developed the interest of make up at the ripe age of 27, started collecting different shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks. So many textures, undertones, and base in the market. Below are some questions I contemplated as a makeup newbie and I hope this will guide you to the wonderful world of perfect kissable lips!

How am I able to find the right lipstick for the right occasion? Is wearing a red lip to work risqué?

The turning point of my life started when I decide to put on makeup not for the occasion but for myself, for me to feel good. With this important factor taken into consideration, a red lip doesn’t seem too risqué for work. In fact, a red lip makes me feel confident and ready to conquer the world.

What lip colour will suit my undertone? Is there a universal lip colour?

Yes, there is a universal lip colour. No, it’s not MAC’s Ruby Woo even though who could resist a blue red toned lip right? The universal lip colour would be coral. Coral is a safe colour yet it brightens up your complexion. A summer, spring, winter and autumn appropriate colour. Coral works better on Asian skin tones and you could also go heavy on eye make up to put on a coral lip.

There are many shades of coral available so what should we get?

There are three undertones – Pink, Red, and Yellow undertones. According to your undertone, choose the right coral lip based on your preference. Some would like to have the wham!’ effect when they went the coral lip, whereas others would like a muted, feminine coral for daily wear. Take this into consideration when you are gifting a friend as it is a lipstick equivalent of LBD. Everyone must have one coral lipstick in their collection.

What texture should I get? Matte, gloss, creamy, tint?

Personally, I am a fan of matte texture without the peeling. Hence, it is important to moisturize your lips before application and exfoliate your lips once a week. Tint has been a craze originated from K-beauty trend. Tint is good for beginners, but I always reach for a full lip (perhaps because my lips are small yet pouty). Even as a sexy and confident lady, I still prefer natural, non-sticky texture on my lips. Hence, cream-based lipsticks in my collection are a few and far between.

Do take note that what might appear bright red on my complexion will appear maroon red on Janes’ complexion.

Take your skin undertone and what texture would you prefer into consideration when you shop for lipsticks online.

To end today with a good advice, always check reviews!

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