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Her world magazine! Two months ago, I was invited by beautiful Bella to be featured in HerWorld Malaysia. At first I was a little reluctant. The thought of being featured in a magazine amongst the beautiful models and celebrities was truly intimidating. But after some good persuasion from my mom , I decided to do it. Boy, I did not regret it!! 

 The experience I had, is one that I will never forget in my life. From the hair to the make up and being dressed up in the amazing clothes, was truly overwhelming. Secretly, I felt like Kim kardashian for a moment.

The scariest and most nerve wrecking moment for me was when I had to pose for the camera. I could literally feel the butterflies in my tummy . From takes to takes to voices from every corner directing to me where – someone saying “closer to the wall” And the other saying “don’t put your legs likes this” or “i want you to stand like this” , “I like this picture but could you stand a little like this” – Wow! it is truly difficult to fulfil all of that while maintaining a pleasant face for the shoot. Those moments made me to realize the hardships of a model to get THE perfect shot. It ain’t easy!!! Lucky for me, the team of professionals were amazing and extremely patience with me. They never failed to be supportive, encouraging which helped me in bringging out the confidence in me. 

 Till today, it still feels like a dream to see myself in a magazine especially one that I never failed to purchase every single month. Thank you Her world Malaysia for the greatest experience in my life and special thanks to Bella for inviting me.

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