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Journey to the big 30

I’m officially 30 today. I approach this age with a jumble of extreme mixture of feelings and emotions. Truthfully it was a dreadful journey. I wouldn’t say I was afraid about the ageing part, as I have actually learned to adapt to my surroundings more. I’ll try to explain it in a feminine manner.

What scared me the most was the image of how a 30 year old woman should be. I had an impression that at the age of 30, a woman should be super powerful, extremely glamorous and is ready to take on the world. Of course this was mainly due from the media influencing me by portraying such image in my head.

A couple of years ago right after I graduated, I remember sitting down and writing a bucket list of things I should achieve when I reach 30. How unbearably naive I was to think I would be able to accomplish all that. As I entered the “real world” as many called it, it wasn’t a bed of roses as I thought it would be. It was such a journey with cross roads, trials, disappointments , and most of all regrets. Every time I progressed a step forward, I would slide two or three steps back the next instance. Comparing myself with all those famous successful woman out there stirred a lot of insecurities. However every time that happened, my friends and family would always advise me not to give up as God will bless you in His time. Look at Job who stayed strong and kept having Faith. I would say that my mum is the one who never failed to remind me of Job.

It was until a couple of days ago, I took out my buckets list and turned the particular paper around and started to write down my achievements. To my surprise that the achievements that I wrote down were greater and more meaningful than what I hope and planned for myself many years ago. The plans that I had were just plans but the achievements that I have were those that I worked hard for through a hard journey in my life. And through the storm I manage to survive it all….sounds like lyrics from some songs. Lol.

Getting back on tone, I’m truly blessed in every ways for all the amazing things that has happened to me in my life, from the amazing people I have met, to everything that I have now from my job, to my new apartment and most of all, my family.

And with that, I’m going to enter this new decade of my life with confidence, grace from God and not forgetting style.

Before I end this personal note from me. I would like to thank my beautiful mum, who has been there for me through thick and thin, for being my best friend, my protector, my teacher, my lawyer, my hero and above all my HOME. Without your love and support, prayer and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you mummy and I love you so much.

As this is also my 10th post!! Yippie hurray!! I would like to thank my dear friend for the encouragement and support to start up this blog and for proof reading all my post before I publish them. This was a dream for a while now and you have made it come true. You know who are!

So here’s to the 30 years that’s passed and also to the next 30 and beyond!!!



Photography by my mum

Outfit details

Skirt and blouse by H&M

Heels by Charles and Keith

Bag by Louis Vuitton

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