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June Favourites

Hello everyone and welcome July!! It’s the time of the month again where I share my favourites of the month of June. June passed in a blink of an eye. It was such a hectic month for me, with loads of events and weddings to attend that I didn’t realise it’s already July. Hopefully this coming month I would be able to take it a couple of notches down and just relax!So here are some of my June favourites!

1.) Nivea Anti Perspirant Whitening Happy shave.

  As women, we tend to get underarm darkening due to hormones and pigmentation, which is truly embarrassing. I tried a lot of products and truthfully nothing helped, till I met this amazing product. I have used it for a month now and have seen so much of improvements. My underarm is much lighter than before, smoother. This product contains provitamins B5 and Vit C which helps whiten and smooths skin, repairs damage cells and reduce irritation from shaving. It also provides 48 hours protection against body odour.

2.) Urban Decay all nighter make up setting spray.

This product is a life saver if you have an oil prone skin like me. I have used this for a couple of events now and I must say that my makeup stayed. I didn’t need to run to the ladies to freshen up or even worry about blotching. This is a must have product in every girls make up kit!!

3.) Make Up Forever HD Foundation

This is my go to foundation when it comes to a glam night out or day to day basis. This water silicone based liquid foundation is the best full coverage foundation. It sets to skin giving a natural dewy finish look, blurs out imperfections and improve skin tone without looking like you are wearing a mask. The best point about make up forever foundation is that it has a staggering range of selections,which really is amazing for those of darker skin tone like me.

4.) Zara heels

I have been eyeing for these heels for a while now. It was until 2 weeks ago, my mum and I went window shopping and I saw these heels on sale. Like a little kid seeing a lollipop! I grabbed it and put it on and I knew that we were meant to be. The colour of these heels are amazing, they go great with a beautiful dress and adds a statement when pairing it up with a pair of jeans.

5.) Lullabies by Lang Leav 

I discovered this amazing poet a few months ago on Instagram. Her first book of poems is called Love and Misadventures and this is her second. Lang Leav is one of those writers who has a gift of writing poems that just speaks to your soul. The way she expresses her poems is truly amazing and emotional. This book is great for anyone in love, or going through a heart break or even in search for love. Here is one of my favourite poems:

6) Chia Seed wheat fibre cookies

These cookies are amazing, it’s great if you want a snack while dieting. It’s a good source of dietary fibre and gives proteins.

So there it is 6 favourites of the month of June. What have you been loving for the month of June? Have you tried any of these products?? Do let me know by commenting below!  Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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