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Krabi, Thailand

Hello my dear friends, A week ago, my mum and I flew down to Krabi for a short getaway. It was a short and much needed getaway as I have been so busy juggling so many things on my plate lately. Krabi which is situated at the west coast of southern Thailand has been on of the many places that I have been wanting to visit list, for a very long time. It was a blessing and a dream come true to be able to experience the beauty that everyone raves about.

My mum and I had the pleasure of staying at the amazing Anyavee Tubkaek Beach Resort which is located 50 mins from town. The moment we arrived, I was just in awe with this amazing place, as it was so peaceful and tranquil. Just what I needed to relief my stress. The resort was very Thai, the roofing of each building was carved with the Thai customs, and there was pond which had water lily grown in each and every corner of the resort. The most amazing part was the private beach, infinity pool and the hills that surrounded this serene place. Words can’t describe how beautiful the place was.

My mum and I opted out from most of the activities except for island hopping. As we wanted to just enjoy the resort and just be. Or in other words we were truly spoiled and lazy to do anything else.

For the island hopping we went through a tour agency called Eagle tour that we meet at the airport. We choose the tour of 7 islands, which was Bamboo Island, Maya Bay, Pileh Bay, lohsamah Bay, Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Don and Viking cave. Every island that we went to was truly unique and beautiful. One my favorite part was seeing the dolphins. It was truly a special moment for me, I felt so fortunate to have seen Dolphins just swim so freely and not in some aquarium. According to the tour guide Sam, when you see Dolphins it’s a sign a storm may be coming. Which was true as it poured the next day.

My most favorite beach was Maya bay, this was where they film the famous Di caprio movie THE BEACH. The water was crystal clear and the sand was white and so soft. The best part about the bay, it was surrounded with mountains and just a small opening to the sea. And the bad part was it was filled with tourist, there was hardly any place to walk or swim. I felt like a sardine stuck in a tiny can.

My most favorite part of the island hopping adventure was snorkeling. It was amazing being able to see how the underwater world looks like. It seem so peaceful, I felt like Ariel from Little Mermaid and all I needed was a tail

The next fun thing that we did was eat. What else do Asian do but eat!! I think it’s part of our culture. Being from Malaysia, we are accustomed to Thai food, but it never tastes as good when you eat it in the motherland. Even though the food was mind blowing spicy it was extremely delicious!! So if you do visit Thailand do try the local food.  

I will leave you with some pictures for you to be mesmerized with. Hope you enjoyed reading about my short getaway. Do leave me a comment below and let me know if you have been there. Till next time.

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