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My adventure to Down Under

Australia has always been one of the places I always wanted to visit. So when my job took me there, I made sure to do as much research before hand so that I would able to gain the most experience out of it.

So my first stop was at Sydney and while I know it takes more than one day to truly experience Sydney, I tried to hit up all the majority  highlights of this place in just one day.

I started by doing what the Sydnians would do, start my day with a good cup of coffee.

Moving on, my colleagues and I walked all the way to Circular Quay to pay a visit to the most iconic building of Sydney, the famous Opera House. The circular Quay is quite busy most of the time with the locals traveling via the ferry and also watching street performers.

As for the famous Opera House, it is open to visitor to go inside the lobby but you would need to sign up for a tour that cost 37AUD. But if you are on a budget, you can venture outside the Opera House where there are many local cafes as well as a magnificent view.

As evening approached, we headed to Darling Habour for dinner. There were many great dinner places with a beautiful waterfront view.

The next day, we flew to Melbourne for our next meetings.

Melbourne was  different compared to Sydney, the city was like a labyrinth with many cute mini cafes at every corner, hipsters places and buzzing tourist in and around the outdoors.

As it was convenient, we ended up walking from one meeting to the other while enjoying the many beautiful street arts on the walls, which you can find a lot in around the city.If you have time, do check out Fitzroy, Collingwood, Richmond and Brunswick, where they have amazing street art on display.

The Flinders Street Station is the one of the most iconic building in Melbourne and its a must see.. It’s architecture certainly stands out in the city and its central location makes it an ideal spot to start an adventure.

The next place we checked out that was quite close to our hotel was the night market which was located at the famous Queen Victoria Market. The atmosphere and the food is something one has to experience..

The next morning my friend Perry who is a local in Melbourne took me to Chapel Street  to try a proper Melbourne breakfast that turned out to be quite a delight.

We then later took a tram to St Kilda, where we bought a bottle of wine and a bag of chips to be enjoyed as a mini picnic at the beach. As night came, we walked towards the famous Luna Park, where it is said that a picture in front of it is a must by tradition.

I wished that I had more time to explore this beautiful place and I must say, Australia I will be back soon!

Hope you enjoyed my one day travel in Sydney and Melbourne.

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