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Pinterest Picnic

Updated: May 27, 2019

Finally uploading my dream Pinterest Picnic pictures!!

It was one fun and also stressful event to create. Especially when I was such a Picniczilla all the way. I believe many of you would understand how it feels trying to recreate an image that you have in mind and to bring it to life.

I was very specific to have these few points for the picnic :

1. Dress code (thanks guys for being such a sport). I made or more force my friends to dress up in floral / pastel outfits! It was interesting to see how everyone tried to find an item in their wardrobe that fit my dress code.

2. The layout needed to be an Instagramable kind of Picnic

3. Never ending flow of alcohol!

As it was my first event or would I say "gathering" that I planned in Singapore. I had to do loads of research prior to the event. Especially trying to find the items at a good deal.

Pinterest was the first place that i started off, there is where i got my inspiration of how i wanted the lay out to look like. With more help from Mr. Google, i started scouting out the items one by one. Surprisingly most of my purchase ended up in everyone's favorite store 2SGD Daiso! It is crazy how they have items from cooler bags all the way to beautiful artificial flowers. It is mind blowing crazy how this store just has everything. It felt like Doremons pocket. :)

*Scroll all the way to the bottom for the list of items.

One of the most important part of why i decided to organise the event other than the launch of my blog, was as an appreciation treat to all my closest friends in Singapore. The move to Singapore was not a cherry on the park. The amount of hurdle and struggle i had to go through was unbelievable crazy and i wouldn't have manage to have done it without the moral support of the ladies that you see above.

Thank you ladies for the support, love and most of all for showing me how when women support another women we can actually take on the world! :p

Who run the world Girls! :)

Nothing is as beautiful as seeing #womensupportingwomen

Hope that all of you enjoyed this post and the pictures from the event!

Do comment below and show me some love!! Till the next post


Picnic Details

Picnic Basket : Carousel

Picnic Blanket : Spotlight

Flowers and most accessories : Daiso

Food : Cold storage ( The best for everything )

Wine : Changi Airport Duty Free

#picnic #pinterest #janegoeslive

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