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Pure Miracle

As the headers says, this maracuja oil is truly miraculous. For the past months now I have bad breakouts which left scars on my face, my pores were huge and I started to develop uneven skin tones on my face ESP around my mouth region. Blaming it on the hormones, I tried every product I could get my hands on. Some left more breakouts, some just didn’t do anything. Nothing worked.

One day, as I was browsing through at Sephora, I stumbled upon the travel pack for Tarte Maracuja oil and thought of trying it out. I read through some reviews but still felt a little hesitant, thinking like other brands, this too might just be overrated. But nope, not this purple miracle worker. It did its miracles the first week of applying it diligently every night. I saw my pores reducing, my scars became noticeably lighter and I had much lesser breakouts. To top it up, my face glows and my skin felt silky and smooth. The best part of it was it didn’t leave my skin greasy and all I need was three drops and voila!!

It has been 6 weeks of using it and I would says I’m a true believer. My skin improved tremendously, I feel more confident, and I’m not worried about breakouts no more.

Ingredients  :

Composed of one ingredient known as Possifora Edulis in Latin or to many as passion fruit.

Benefits :

Rich in Vitamin  C, calcium, phosphorus and high essential of fatty acids Soothes and heals redness and irritation skin.  Anti aging, Hydrates and brightens



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