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The Love Day & my first post for 2020

Happy Love Day!!

Let’s talk about LOVE! The four letters that can be defined in numerous ways. For some its a deep intense feeling of affection, others its a great pleasure of/in something, and for people with their special someone, it is a deep euphoric feeling for them.

LOVE is just a simple four-letter word that plays as an important role in every living thing in this world, from the humans to the animals and even plants. We all need it in one way of another, without LOVE we cant live. LOVE is an essential part of who we are, but how many of us actually show it, hold it, appreciate it?

For me this year, one of my main goals is to choose LOVE every day. I want to make it a point to celebrate LOVE everyday, not just on Valentines Day.

So here are my breakdown of the areas i want to personally work on LOVE:

LOVE to people around you

One thing i have realised is that many of us are so caught up with our daily life that we sometimes forget to stop and be thankful or even appreciate the people around us.

One of the things i want to do more this year is to be more present and appreciate my family, friends, my neighbours, my colleagues, housemates, special someone(if there is one), pets, drivers, pantry aunty or uncle etc. I want to start showing them a little more gratitude for having them in my life. I want to appreciate each of them for constantly being there and also to constantly let them know how much i love them. To be honest life is so short we don’t know when we are going to lose anyone we care for.

LOVE the planet

Being Eco Friendly or Environmentally Friendly has become more and more important. With the global temperatures rising at a level it has cause the unsustainable for the environment to be able to survive.

I want to start living with more intent to be more focused on no creating harm to the environment. It is one of the hardest to do, but ill try to at least change it starting with my daily life.

LOVE what i do

I am a great believer doing everything with LOVE. I must say i have lost my way with that, so starting from today i will speak love into everything i do. Cause i believe when we love what we do, it naturally becomes the best of us.

LOVE yourself

The most important point of all! To LOVE myself. Many of us including me, sometimes we do not give our self enough of credit of how strong, amazing, beautiful, intelligent and kind we are. Many of us are kind to others but not to our self.

I want to start being kinder and more loving to me which not just start with loving myself but also looking after what I eat, my health and overall my well being.

So here i send all of my dear readers LOVE and Blessings on this wonderful day!!

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