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Welcome to my brand-new blog!

Hello there beautiful people. Thank you for visiting my brand new, freshly baked from the oven Blog!

Creating this new blog has been an exciting journey. Seeing my vision of what I hope for in the blog come to reality has been a dream come true. A special shout and a huge thank you to my dear friend Nicole Tan for being the one who has helped me create it from scratch and endure my constant new ideas.

There are many reason to why I have decided to take this big step and re-brand my blog from A Touch of Meraki to Jane Sujatha.

But before we go there lets take a detour to 2 years ago, I was sitting at home on my computer, trying to search for a review, blogger, influencer who would able to advise me on what kind of foundation or skin care would suit me best. To my disappointment every platform I went on, I realise it mainly consist of influencers from fairer skin or much tanner skin. No where in the middle or nowhere as brown as I was. I was unable to relate to any of the products that was mention or recommended. I did try but always ended up just throwing it away as the products never suited my skin. That was when I thought it would be great if I could share my recommendations of beauty products or even fashion sense.

With the help of my friend Jonathan "A touch of Meraki" was born. I started blogging sharing my thoughts, my monthly reviews on products that I have used and even some travel places that I have explored.

But as time went by, like everyone else my job took a lot of time not giving me the liberty to create contents and as time passed I just drifted from the idea of the reason of why I started blogging in the first place.

After my big move to Singapore, I realised that in the past 2 years a lot has change. I personally have change. It was like a wake up call for me to realign my priorities in life again. As I was going through what I call my soul-searching process, I stumble back to my blog which I created and realise that I’ve lost touch of it and lost soul in it.

Which now brings me back to today. “Jane Sujatha” which is the name of my new platform represent who i am at this time of my life right now. Represent me as a women, a daughter and a friend. With this new inter-phase and design that I have thought carefully through, from every font to button, was created to not just provide a seamless experience to all of you but also a place where i can continue to expand my creativity.

With this platform, i hope to be able to share more of my personal experiences from Beauty, Travel, Fashion to Life. It is also a place where i hope someday would be a platform where by all of would be able to give their review and comments.

I invite all of you to humbly embark on this crazy ride with me. As i personally continue to search my way through this adventurous life.

Thank you for your constant support.

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