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What’s in my bag !

Hi there! I thought it would be fun to do a “What’s in My Bag !” tag. I have always enjoyed watching and reading about this tag as I find it very intriguing too see what a woman carries in her bag. As the saying goes a woman’s bag is like wonderland. You never know what you would find in there

Here are the items that I carry with me, no matter what kind of bag I change.

My Michael Kors wallet with my notebook which was a gift from Germany. I always carry one with emergency numbers written in them , just I case my battery dies and to keep notes for anything important that I need to remember. I know it’s kind of old school but there’s just something about writing things down which makes things more efficient

My little goodie bag, as I call it is an absolute must for me to carry. It has all the essentials I need for my busy daily schedule. Due to my long working hours I find it important to retouch my make up and also freshen up. I always carry two lip liners, a bold lip stick colour just incase I make plans for a night out and a lip gloss. A body spray or perfume is a must for me and not forgetting a hand cream as my hands tend to get dry after washing them.

 A watch and some accessories is also a must in my bag, as I tend to rush out my door most of the time. My Dior face powder is another life saver. I have done a review on it and needless to say that it is an amazing powder to touch up especially for someone who has oily skin like me.

Thank you for taking a look inside my bag! I hope you enjoyed it. And also if you have had featured a “What’s in My Bag !” post, do leave me a link in the comment section below.

Like I said I love reading all about it

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